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-about us-

the designers of ChilliPadi* are clara and michelle, two 22 year-olds who love art, fashion and accessories.
everything that we have on here is original and handmade by us, and most designs have only one piece available. this increases the uniqueness of our products. if you truly like the design, however, we will be glad to re-create it specially for you.

ChilliPadi* is named after our secondary 4 class mascot. the mascot was chilli padi, and was rightfully so as our class was "small but hot". we adopted the slogan "hot is cool" for our class. as a tribute to the class 4/7 of nanyang girls' high's graduating batch of 2002, our first line of earrings are all created with each and every individual classmate in mind. each creation is named after one of our classmates, as well as the teachers who taught us.

we hope that you'll have an enjoyable time looking through, and if there are any queries, feel free to contact us!

-contact us-

you can pick up a piece of ChilliPadi* at...

Baylene Fashion Gallery
Stamford House #01-04
39 Stamford Road
Singapore 178885
(it's in-between SMU and Raffles City. along the row of shops where "felt" and "lavender" are.)
do drop us an email if you need directions!

to place orders, email us at
questions? contact us at: