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Welcome to The Dream Fashion!

Company Profile

The Dream Fashion was established in April 2007. It was started from a forum based fashion sales and within 2 months The Dream Fashion earned enough customer base to start it's on website.

In June 2007, The Dream Fashion website, was officially introduced. The Dream Fashion also received recognition from TrustSg and Consumer Trust as reliable retailer.

Our Aspiration

We aspire to bring you the latest fashion at an affordable price. We believe in personal touch; we aim to understand each customer and bring in fashion that suit our customers.

Our Products

We are currently carrying brands such as ECA Series, TT Series, Hanee Series, Garden St Series as well as assorted Magazine Fashion.

We will use this thread to update samples of the latest arrivals, news and events. We will also take in feedback and queries.

To browse our full range of items, please visit All purchases will be done online and require you to register first. Customers are strongly advised to read the Conditions of Use, Privacy Notice and Shipping statements before making any purchases.

If you wish to contact us directly, please feel free email us at for details.

We wish you an enjoyable shopping experience!

~The Dream Fashion~