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The Forerunner in Broadcasting & Recording since 1983 to serve the growing needs of the Broadcasting and Recording industry in the Asian region.
Car navigation, Multi-Media System, Alarm System, Mobile Sound System, Parking Sensor, etc.
As a long time car audio enthusiast himself, Roy knows all too well what an excellent sound system can do for you.
Our aim is to ensure that the customer's event is successful. We pride ourselves in providing professional and quality services to meet our customers' needs.
We have sustained that reputation by taking the worries out of very demanding total AudioVisual & IT technical services by providing a high level of experience that exceeds our customers expectations.
Sale!!! Brand New ipod/iphone Sony ICF-DS15iP radio/mp3 player dock!!!
Vinyl is cool and vinyl is fun. Now you can even bring your vinyl music with you if you have the LY-118 portable suitcase USD turntable. Designed to re-live the glamour days of yesteryear's travel fr
Has been in business for the past 20 years with good recognitions. We have 3 branches mainly, Sin Ming Autocare, Jurong and Toh Guan Centre.
PAVE aims to build a world class company in the supply, distribution, installation and maintenance of professional audio.
2000, Absolute Sound extended its scope of service by providing customized installations.
With your discerning taste for quality, you seek to impress – both yourself and your guests.
Operates at a high level of efficiency, effectiveness and consistency.
Established in 1973 our business has grown and evolved into four strategic business units.
Our experts will help you attain the best value from our custom systems integration solutions, by providing quality equipment and services.
It's opened but unused.