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charger cable usb stylus tpu gel leather case battery earphone handsfree desktop screen protector dock speaker
We are wholesalers of mobile phone parts & Accessories, look for cooperation opportunities http://www.facebook.com/pages/Peal-Peal/582934895057976 歡迎查詢其他產品 peal_p@ymail.com
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1. 629x3388 ($888) Beach Rd exchange. 2. 674x5555 ($3888) Geylang exchange.
Selling affordable iPhone & Samsung phone casings (Meet-up/Postage Available)
Have you ever missed a call because you didn’t feel your phone vibrate or you couldn’t hear it ring? Well, if you don’t mind wearing a bracelet, then Buzz Band is for you
we have all kinds of mobile phone available for sale in store such as Apple iphone 5,htc,nokia,samsung,sony,ipad,blackberry...and we sell for low price.... All kinds of camera also available for sale