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Welcome to the JC Leisure & Motor Holdings.

Greetings from Christine......

It is time for all the workaholics out there to pamper yourselves and look after your general well being for a while. After all, a balance, healthy lifestyle is important for everyone.

But not to worry as it is our aim to make this possible for you!
At JC Leisure & Motor Holdings, you will be able to find something that suits your personal needs, if not, just simply state your request in our feedback form so that we can also attend to your needs.

Our Company Offers:
Events Management
"Exclusive Wines" (Refer to Wine/Liquor) - (Not available on the market)
Upcoming Events, Wine Courses, Wine Appreciation Courses, Ettiquettes
Corporate Events with Major Banks to provide their customers with our Exclusive Products

Warmest Regards,

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