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Contents: Wobbleze contain 1 fl oz (25 mL) each, and are 20% alcohol by volume they contain the usual additives and flavourings and may contain fresh fruit, fruit juice, and coconut cream.


Long Island Tea  

the Long island Tea Wobbleze is a superb jelly shot made with lime, cola, white rum, vodka, gin and tequila. The ultimate party kick starter, it is apparently a great morning hangover cure too ;-)

Vodka Raspberry  
Completely addictive, the Vodka Raspberry Wobbleze is made with raspberry and premium vodka. Good for any event, this yummy jelly shot comes with a raspberry inside.    
Sex on The Beach  
A wildly popular jelly shot, the Sex on the Beach Wobbleze is made with grapefruit, premium vodka, peach schnapps and a cranberry-peach jelly. Especially great for girls nights out, hens parties and ice-breakers.    
Pina Colada  
The Pina Colada Wobbleze is made of pineapple, coconut cream and premium white rum is so gorgeous that it will be your first flavour to run out. Make your next 70s themed party a crazy hit with pina colada jelly shots.    
Dreaming of South America? The Caprihina Wobbleze is a delectable jelly. made of sugar cane liquor, lime juice, lime jelly and splash of cola.  
Gin & Lemon  
Similar to the gin & tonic, the Gin & Lemon Wobbleze is made of a premium Scottish gin that has a lovely musky, sweet flavour and is mouth watering with our unique lemon jelly. Perfect as an after-work relaxer or for those with a sophisticated palate.  
Rum & Coke  
The bloke's choice, the Rum & Coke Wobbleze is generously flavoured with rum and cola and set in jelly. A great shooter for Bachelor Parties or to keep the men on their toes during a party games.  
A ladies choice, the Mimosa Wobbleze is a light and refreshing jelly shot made of white wine and peach jelly. Guaranteed not to blur the brain this Wobbleze is perfect for an afternoon tea or evening BBQ.  
Sampler Party Pack - 12 Pack  
  1 of each flavour and 2 of your favourite 3 flavours  
Party Pack - 24 pack  
  This party pack is ideal for about 10 people. You get 3 each of 8 flavours.  
Party Pack - 48 & 96 pack  
  This party pack is ideal for 30 and 60 people. You get either 6 or 12 of each of 8 flavours.    
  We ship anywhere by Speedpost. Allow 3-4 working days from order confirmation to receive your Wobbleze order.    

If you wish to order larger amounts or ready-mix batches (you add alcohol), please contact us for a quotation.

Wobbleze can also be made in margarita, tequila & lemon, scotch & dry, JD & coke, JB & coke, chocolate martini, watermelon martini, lychee martini, sangria and many more popular flavours.

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