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29 Club Street, Singapore 069414
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Authentic Wood-Fired Gourmet Pizzas

Not too long ago, before the first sighting of authentic gourmet pizzas, the people of Singapore were led to believe that only thick-crust pizzas existed.

Singapore was hungry and ready for the real deal.

Which is probably why, when our concept of an exciting Italian pizzeria dedicated to bringing Singapore a slice of Authentic Italian Wood-Fired Pizza goodness, materialized in Club Street, in 2002, it quickly expanded.

Today, SPIZZA is the most fashionable eatery-hangout to infiltrate Singapore yet. Serving affordable yet delicious Italian fare: from salads and soups to 23 thin-crusted wood-oven-baked pizzas - made in-house daily, with the freshest ingredients and utmost care and dedication.

With outlets island-wide and a catchy hotline, SPIZZA ’s philosophy to serve up a truly modern and authentic Italian dining experience is now even beyond the outlets. Visit us today, or call 6377 7773 and let us visit you!



Insalate / Salads
Antipasti / Appetizers
Zuppe / Soups
Pasta & others
Dolci / Desserts

See our SPIZZA Delivery Menu here!

Spreading the warmth of SPIZZA

Indulge in pristine Napoli pizzas, baked in authentic firewood ovens with gloriously fresh toppings that will keep you coming back for more. There are 23 mouth-watering pizzas all named after Italian women, 9 scrumptious desserts named after famous female opera characters and 12 equally tantalizing starters named after the emperors of Rome.

Staying true to its Italian authenticity, Spizza for friends hosts an extensive beverage list that includes beautiful Italian wines, beers and grappa to match.

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29 Club Street, Singapore 069414
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29 Club Street, Singapore 069414