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Posted by Don Tay
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Dear Customer,

I'm selling Birdnest 1st grade for 100g at S$350/- only. And,
3rd grade selling for 100g at S$270/- only! For a limited time only, so hurry and pick the phone and call below no.

The Birdnest are directly imported from Indonesia, that is why we can sell it to you at this unbelievable price. And just for your infomation.The shape of the birdnest should be in cup shape and not leaf shape!!!
As the picture shown above..

They are no bleaching agents, artificial colouring or flavouring and/or other additives. Purely hand washed and cleaned using fresh well water. And, can find the freshness in it. Guarantee !!!

If interested, kindly contact Lemi(90079265) or Don(90021278).

Below are the benifits of Birdnest;

Swallow’s nest or Bird’s nest, It is the saliva of swallows which contain the elements which can stimulate cell and epidermal growth. Traditionally, it is strongly believed that bird’s nest can fortify the lungs and pancreas for being a substance that slows down the aging process, a rejuvenating agent. Bird nest nourishes yin to maintain skin tone, tonifies qi and reinforce the system, strengthens the lungs and prevents coughing, vitalizes the constitution and prolongs life. It is used to treat consumptive diseases, tuberculosis, cough and phlegm-dyspnea ( difficult breathing), asthma, hemoptysis (coughing blood), hematoma (mass of clotted blood that forms in a tissue, organ, or body space as a result of a broken blood vessel), prolonged dysentery, chronic malaria, dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), hiccups, regurgitation and general weakness.