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THE STATION KITCHEN presents a soul-good experience
of tantalizing Asian favorites

Housed within the latest entertainment hub in Singapore, St James Power Station, The Station Kitchen is another exciting concept helmed by the BreadTalk Group of Companies, offering all-day dining and late night supper in its present belt of culinary innovation to a spectrum of diners including clubbers, executives and residents from the vicinity as well as tourists, in search for comforting afternoon snacks or lunch, dinner and supper treats!


A new concept that is out-of-the-norm from the typical barbeque in Singapore, CHARCOAL is in a league of its own.

Originally introduced by the Koreans and brought to Japan, Yakiniku (Yaki means 'grill', niku means 'meats') enjoyed widespread fame eventually in the culinary kingdom of foodies in Taiwan. Well-loved by renowned celebrities such as Chen Mei Feng, veteran singer Gao Ling Fung and other prominent personalities, continuous streams of customers would be seen queuing outside Yakiniku House in Taipei. Tables of families, friends and loved ones would gather together for a hot sizzling barbecue meal over busy chattering with occasional spurts of hearty laughter. Inspired by such burst of energy and amazing grills, CHARCOAL thus landed in our local palate today.

Seated on traditional tatami, catering to small and large groups, diners have fun getting a hands-on experience grilling only the freshest and premium cuts of meats, seafood and vegetables over burning charcoals prepared from a charcoal chamber and fired-up with a huge blower, before being filled in a small barbeque claypot specially brought in from Japan. Each of these claypot is then overlaid with a wire mesh and ready for use. For the unfamiliar, staff are on-hand to offer personalized grilling of these bite-sized items and making recommendations on the best grilling and eating methods. If you are worried about leaving the sumptuous feast reeking of barbeque stench; the hang-down multi-exhaust system on each table ensures that smoke from the grill is ingested almost immediately without staining your best outfit for the next party or date.

Top of the menu items include Wagyu beef, 'crunchy'-textured Superior Beef Tongue, melt-in-your-mouth Superior Marbled Beef, Superior Beef Fillet and Beef Short Rib; non-beef eaters need not worry! Opt for added choices including Superior Snowflake Pork, Chicken Cartilage, Australian Rack of Lamb, and juicy Pleurotus Eryngii (King Oyster Mushroom). Dip sizzling grilled morsels in chef's signature Barbecue and Miso Sauces for heightened enjoyment!

If you are in the mood for comforting Chinese fare, slurp up bowls of belly-warming La Mian made from fresh and natural ingredients. Prepared ala minute by masterchefs from Taiwan, fresh dough is kneaded and pulled to fine strands before serving in superior broths or tangy sauce lusciously topped with braised meats, mushrooms and dumplings (wantons).

Highlights of the menu comprise nutritious Steamed Pork Rib Soup with Noodle, Special Braised Beef Noodle Soup with Beef Brisket, and Noodle in Fragrant Mushroom and Minced Pork Sauce, just to name a few. Complete the meal with refreshing Double Boiled Papaya and Snow Fungus with rock Sugar or popular Ah Boling (filled glutinous rice balls) in sweetened peanut soup.

Looking for a wholesome treat or your favorite late night supper snacks, but nowhere to go after all the revelry? Come to WHAT YOU DO PRATA and bite into signature Paper Prata – made from dough stretched till paper thin, sprinkled with sugar, pan-seared to crisp and rolled to a cone, this is a perfect appetizer or after-meal sweet indulgence. Savor also perennial favorite Original Prata, specialty Mutabak rolled and packed with chunky meats or vegetables, fragrant Briyani and fiery Fish Head Curry. Complement these with a tall glass of hand-frothed Teh Tarik (pulled milk tea) or Teh Halia (pulled ginger milk tea) for a real Indian experience.

Accompany these delectable cuisines with selections of smooth Australian and Chilean wines, and signature mixer, SOUL GOOD - a unique concoction of gin, kahlua and refreshing peppermint, amidst relaxing lounge or jazz music.

Step into this revolutionized food culture and content in heart-warming food for the soul after a hectic day or before retreating to a well-deserving rest with comforting pleasures from The Station Kitchen, where the taste of ultimate Asian soul food experience begins!

Contact details:
Jeremy Goh
Senior Vice President
The Station Kitchen
(A member of BreadTalk Group Ltd)
3 Sentosa Gateway
St James Power Station
Singapore 098544

Tel 65 63768085
Fax 65 63768087
Mobile: 65 96854220

Operating hours
The Station Kitchen
Fri, Sat & Sun: 6pm - 6am
Mon & Tue: 6pm - 1230am
Wed & Thur: 6pm - 330am

Also from 1st July ST James Power Station member's privilege Jul – Sep 2007

Spend S$80 and above @ Charcoal, TSK and received a bottle of "Wine of the month".
Spend S$30 and above @ DTF,PRATA & ALLEY BAR and received 10% off the total bill.
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