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Jln Pemimpin Branch7 Clover WaySingapore 579080
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Back in the 60's, Mr. Swang opened a small restaurant in the busting city of Bangkok. It was due to his passion in eating that led him to excel his cooking style. Each dished was specially prepared that acclaimed for its unique taste. His restaurant was given much media publicity over the years in Bangkok. Mr. Swang retired in 1997 so was the restaurant.

In 1999, his daughter, Ms. Suchana, decided to continue the 40 years of his cooking experience by opening a very first outlet outside Thailand called "Jai Thai Restaurant". “Jai” means “Heart” in Thai, "Jai Thai Restaurant" was set up with the aim to maintain Mr. Swang’s cooking experience and recipes by putting our hearts in every dish the way Mr. Swang did. Jai Thai Restaurant offers the Heart of Thai Cooking for good food and excellent value.

Jai Thai Restaurant is renowned as having the "Most Value for Money Thai Restaurant in Singapore". It has been serving Authentic Thai foods in Singapore since 1999 and presently operates out of Thomson and Clover Way

Jai Thai boasts a menu which has an extensive range of authentic Thai cuisine, all dishes being prepared and cooked follows Mr. Swang’s Recipe using natural traditional herbs and spices. Every items on the menu is done with meticulous care with attention paid to minute details.

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Jln Pemimpin Branch
7 Clover Way
Singapore 579080

Tel: 6 258 0228

East Coast Branch
205 East Coast Road
Singapore 428904

Tel: 6 346 4940

operation hours
11am to 3pm & 6pm to 9pm

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Jln Pemimpin Branch7 Clover WaySingapore 579080
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Jln Pemimpin Branch7 Clover WaySingapore 579080