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Serangoon Gardens Country Club

About Us

In the good old days, the soccer field doubled up as a swimming pool and fishing pond whenever it rained. Members got much more than what their $2 membership was worth whenever it flooded. These memories would remain etched in some of our members’ minds forever.

On 29 April 1955, Mr S C Macey and some residents of Serangoon Gardens established the then Serangoon Gardens Sports Club.

Mr Macey – the developer of Serangoon Gardens Estate at that time – donated the present 22,684 square metres of land stretching from the junction of Hemsley Avenue to Kensington Park Road as a gathering place for residents staying in the area.

Membership was exclusive to residents of Serangoon Gardens Estate and the majority of the members were British servicemen, who would gather at the Club for soccer and hockey matches or a game of billiards, darts, bridge or tombola.

But when the British forces pulled out of Singapore, they took many of the Club’s members along with them. As a result, the Club suffered from a lack of maintenance and its condition deteriorated as the years went by.

In 1981, the Club was given a new lease of life under the encouragement and foresight of Dr Lau Teik Soon (Member of Parliament from 1976 to 1996 for Serangoon Gardens and Thomson GRC). His idea of developing the Club’s property transformed the Club into one that is relevant to its times. Serangoon Gardens Country Club was then born.

The People Factor
We believe that our people make all the difference, especially when we rely on them to take care of the needs of our valued members. In short, they form the cornerstone of our organisation. To gain a competitive edge, we invest in our human capital and nurture our staff by helping them to excel through training courses and individual career development plans.

The Mark Of Distinction
We believe that a dynamic organisation has to be progressive and forward-looking. With a culture of continuous learning, we will be able to propel our workforce towards a common goal of organisational excellence. The People Developer Standard is a mark of distinction that awards recognition to organisations that invest in their staff and promote a comprehensive system for staff development. Our achievement of the Standard will continue to motivate our staff to give their best for our members, for their colleagues and for themselves. This united purpose will most certainly translate into business excellence. Members can also be assured that our Club is supported by a team of skilled employees.

The Benefits
We believe that our hard work will bear fruit for the People Developer Standard spells numerous benefits.

Recognition as a Dynamic Organisation
Our Club will be recognised at the national level as a dynamic organisation and this will certainly add value to our membership. We will also be sought after in the labour market by job seekers.

Improved Business Performance
With a structured staff development system in place, we can look forward to greater productivity and hence, better business performance.

Greater Motivation in Workforce
Our commitment to the good of our staff will cultivate loyalty, encourage greater contributions to our Club and boost morale. In the process, we will be able to attract and retain staff who are of value to us.

Reduced Training Wastage
With a sound staff development framework in place, training will be in line with specific business objectives. This will reduce training wastage and lead to more efficient monitoring of staff development programmes.

Restaurant & Cafe

Atrium Cafe
Go _disibledevent="/Food/Restaurants-Cafes/ad-185734/">value-for-money Asian and Western cuisines. The Cafe also features the most imaginative buffet spreads that will have you coming back for more!

Garden Grill
Whether it’s a cosy dinner for two or that power lunch to seal an important business deal, Garden Grill offers you all the right touches and the perfect ambience. Enjoy a wide selection of fine dining delights that will satisfy even the most discerning diner.

The ideal spot to catch up with friends over a few drinks or have a game of darts. Enjoy the live band performance or sing to your heart’s content in the KTV rooms.

Poolside Deli
There’s no better place to unwind and relax than at the Poolside Deli. Enjoy a light snack and drink and take a refreshing dip in the pool afterwards.

Want to find out more about us? Come on down to the Serangoon Gardens Country Club at 22 Kensington Park Road Singapore 557271 or you can also visit our website at for more details. If you have any enquiries, please contact us at 63985303.





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