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Imagine this: You visit your dentist at 9:30am, let him help you with a mini implant procedure that requires less than two hours, then you go out and meet your friends for lunch. You find that you can eat comfortably, have a great conversation, laugh and talk with confidence. You also recall that it was a painless procedure, hardly any surgery and the price was so affordable.

This is all too good to be true, you say. But, it is true. And it’s been happening to thousands of ordinary folks who decided to give the procedure a shot.

They have all benefited from the application of mini dental implants (MDI), whether for long-term support of structures such as crowns and bridges, or to stabilize dentures, especially loose lower dentures.

Smile, Singapore

Little wonder the mini implant system is such a success. Since its launch in the US, the system has countless people, both young and old, smiling confidently in Europe, Australia, America, Asia and other parts of the world.

Here in Singapore, MDI, since its introduction about five years ago, has also brought smiles back to many, including patients who are medically compromised and for whom conventional implants were unsuitable.

In close consultation with a physician, patients with controlled diabetes, osteoporosis and those on blood-thinning medication can enjoy the benefits of MDI. Parkinson’s disease patients with dental problems, too, can have MDI to help them chew and look better.

MDI is an innovative system for crowns, bridges and the stabilising of loose dentures. It can solve your problem, painlessly and at really affordable cost.

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