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We at Star Dental Surgery believe in quality dental treatment with happy and friendly atmosphere.
Is the solution to your missing teeth. He lectures and conducts Workshops in the effective use of mini dental implants in several countries including Australia to general dental practitioners & dental
Smile Analysis 'Laser' Teeth Whitening Management of Discoloured Teeth Closing Gaps with Veneers Ceramic Crowns/Veneers/Bridges Orthodontics 'Instant Orthodontics' Replacing of Missing Teeth using Im
Not every patient will have the same treatment plan even if the conditions seem very similar. It is important to discuss your condition and expectations with your dentist.
Your Well-being, Our Priority. Our dental practice is dedicated and committed to delivering uncompromising oral health care, focusing on Prevention of disease, Precision in diagnosis and so on.
Our Dental Surgeons have more than ten years of experience. They are fully-qualified, competent and constantly upgrading their dental knowledge and skills. We also have a team of helpful and friendly
We are equally committed to dental awareness and educating preventive measures, as we are to making every treatment successful.
We thank you for visiting our website and would like to invite you to let us care for your dental health. We look forward to your visits to our clinics.
We offer a wide range of dental services carried out efficiently with the latest equipment and technology.
DPDental- ProgressivePractitionersofAdvancedDentistry We are committed to providing you and your family with quality dental careby constantly keeping ourselves updated with the latest treatment techn
To enhance our ability to serve the needs of patients requiring multidisciplinary services, we work closely with a trusted team of dedicated specialists who share our philosophy.
We thank you for visiting our website and would like to invite you to let us care for your dental health. We look forward to your visits to our clinics.
Our doctors have more than 19 years of experience in their respective area of speciality.
We have more than 150 dentists in total, providing a comprehensive range of dental services including specialist dental services such as orthodontics ( braces ) and endodontics.
Our goal is to ensure that every patient is satisfied with their smiles because smiles say so much about us. We believe healthy teeth and gums and beauty are integrated entities.
We have firmly established our brand name in Singapore, and built a reputation as an established and reliable dental healthcare services provider with multi-disciplinary expertise.
About Us Ho Kee Hai & Partners Dental Implant Maxillofacial Aesthetic Centre is located within the Paragon Medical Centre, next to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, at Orchard Road, Singapore. _disiblede
A beautiful smile makes a dynamic first impression; our dental and orthodontics services are among the finest in the region. Proper treatment is possible with proper diagnosis. The Sirona C4+ Intra O
Many of our clinics are equipped with the latest equipment, from examining your teeth to the final restorations. This is necessary to achieve excellent results. We have installed digital X ray machine
Our services: Scaling & Air Polishing , Composite filling , Simple Extraction , Complicated Extraction , Crown Lengthening , Tooth Whitening Kit , Tooth Whitening (Chairside + Kit) , Root Canal T