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One bottle of ZymaDerm will gently and painlessly treat about 60 molluscum bumps, applied twice a day for a month.It is so effective it is the only FDA approved homeopathic remedy for Molluscum.
The London Dermatology Clinic offers a number of different treatments to help rid patients of bothersome moles.
Organic, paraben free, SLES free
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Doc Doc provide a free service that enables patients to find a nearby doctor or dentist, to credibly research and understand their clinical interests and specialties, assess their academic credentials
Aesthetic Clinic at Amoy Street
With the focus on aesthetic procedures that involve little or no recovery, Dr David Loh together with his peers, are credited for having popularized the concept of the Lunch-time Makeovers.
We offer a comprehensive range of medical aesthetic / cosmetic procedures that are safe, evidence-based and scientifically-proven, and use the latest FDA approved machines and technology.
Our doctors use advanced dermatology techniques which are incision-less, provide minimal discomfort and can be performed in less than an hour.
Women, regardless of age, want to feel good about themselves. And it is Dr. Low’s determined intention to give them what they want, within reasonable limits.
Its concept revolves around providing all round aesthetic solutions for our clients, ranging from natural remedies, cosmeceuticals to home aesthetic appliances, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures.
Privé Clinic is a one-stop age management clinic in Singapore to help busy and stressed out individuals attain true beauty inside out.
At the Specialist Skin Clinic, we seek to provide a one-stop, convenient service to our patients in a cosy, quiet and private environment.
3rd Generation Thermage, for better results with less pain
This is Omni Dental Centre, a family Dental Clinic with all specialists under one roof dedicated to pampering you away from dental anxieties.
About Us Our medical establishment is a Ministry of Health (MOH) licensed medical practice that focuses on aesthetic medicine, skin health and weight reduction. Our clinic offers all of today’s
Event Name: Aesthetics Asia 2013 Exhibition and Congress Website: www.aestheticsasia.com Event Date & : 12 th – 14 th September 2013 (Thurs-Sat) from 10.00 – 18.30 hrs. Time Exh