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Optimum Performance, the first privately owned Strength & Conditioning facility in Singapore, are the leaders in the health and fitness industry with no gimmicks, no false claims, just real results based on actual scientific research and over 20 years of international experience. We are so sure of the results we can get for you that we guarantee it with our iron clad money back guarantee.

Optimum Performance provides services and products unsurpassed in the health and fitness industry today. We continue to exceed industry standards by over delivering in all our services and products.

Strength & Conditioning Specialists

The Optimum Performance Training System (OPTS) provides an unique integrated approach to  training and conditioning. This system has been developed over years of study and practical experience with both professional and Olympic athletes, providing them with the most optimal level of training and conditioning.

Scientific Fat Loss

The Scientific Fat Loss System is the one of the worlds most advanced fat lost systems available in the world today. Developed through years of scientific research and personal experience. The Scientific Flat Loss System takes advantage of the latest scientific research in maximizing fat loss and body recomposition. This system is offered exclusively by Optimum Performance.

Rehabilitation & Corrective Exercise

Rehabilitation services are provided through the utilization of Integrated MyoFascial Therapy in conjunction with Corrective Exercise to provide the most comprehensive Rehabilitation service available. This innovative approach provides optimal results by not only addressing the injury but also identifying and correcting the cause of the injury. 

Located within the Optimum Performance Health & Fitness Centre.

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