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What is the SDHF? The SDHF is an organization of volunteers working to increase dental awareness and promote dental health in Singapore. What are the SDHF's objectives • organize and promote act
Do you have determination to quit smoking? Are you willing to give up habits related to smoking? If you answer yes to the above 2 questions, then you are candidate for Quit Smoking with Bioresonance
Health@Work Health Outreach Programme At $10 each (or less)for a basic health screening, with a corporate sign-up size of 30 or more employees. Companies/ employees canupgrade to participate in compr
Want to know the condition of your health? Have you done your health screening this year? Vernicia sharing good news! Date :17 May &31 May2009 (Sunday) Time : 08:30 am to 10:00 am Location : Tampi
Osteopathy - a holistic form of complementary medicine which uses gentle hands-on techniques to diagnose and treat a wide variety of complaints. Osteopathy can help in the treatment of: - Back pain a
K O Chan Ear Nose Throat Sinus and Sleep centre is a one-stop clinic for the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of all ear, nose, throat, sinus and sleep problems. Dr K O Chan provides personalize
Being a female doctor equipped with a Diploma of dermatology from UK, Dr Karina Kho also provides aesthetic services such as acne treatment, IPL, botox and has a special interest in weight management.
We provide various economical and customised packages that will serve all your needs related to health check services.
15 billion probiotic bacteria per capsule. Stop your diarrhoea, constipation and gas. Detox your body and give you smooth beautiful skin. Improve your immune system to fight against infections. Stop
Our services include treatment for general illnesses; we have friendly and efficient GPs to attend to your needs. A child’s health is a parent’s first priority. We understand this intimately. Our fri
Our other services include: Hospitalization Medical Insuarance Vision Medical Evaluation
Are you looking for a cure, improvements for your health problems? Give me a call on your condition we may able to help.
MEDICAL MARANATHA recruits Medical Staff, Nursing Staff, Allied Heath Care Professionals, Radiology, Pharmacy, Therapists, Medical Administrative Professionals Health Professionals for local and over
Are you getting married? Remember to Sign up for a Pre-Marital Health Check. It includes: 1. Full Blood Count 2. Diabetic 3. Kidney Function 4. Bone & Joint 5. Lipid Screen Liver Function 6. Thyr
Cherish Your Health ! Why Health Screening is essential ? Early detection helps identify potential Health Risk - Silent Killers like Hypertension, Heart Diseases, Diabetics, Colorectal Cancers &
SEXPO ONLINE STORE - Singapore Leading Store on Sexual and Reproductive Health Women Health, Men Health, Books & Videos, Marital Aids, Lingerie & Costume, and many more............... click h
O ptimum Performance, the first privately owned Strength & Conditioning facility in Singapore, are the leaders in the health and fitness industry with no gimmicks, no false claims, just real resu
About Us Incorporated in 1990, Healthway Medical Group (HMG) has grown to become one of the largest outpatient clinic groups in the region. We deliver quality and caring professional and medical serv
Grey Matter Network provides services and courses that help you to tap into your own inner power. You already have the potential for positive changes within you (just like buried treasure) waiting to
This is a place where anonymous HIV testing is available in Singapore (i.e. you do not need to provide your identity). No personal particulars are recorded even with positive results . There are trai