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DR-XENIJI   Cancer, Diabetes & High Blood  


DR-XENIJI is a fermented fruit and vegetable food supplement whose production involves a muscovado base with over 50 kinds of plants including fruits, root vegetables, grains and seaweeds, carefully selected and repeatedly fermented and matured for three years and three months (1185 days).

DR-XENIJI is an enzyme catalyst that can help to activate the action of all 3 types of enzymes (digestive, metabolic and food enzymes) to promote healthy metabolism in our body. The uniqueness of DR-XENIJI lies in 3 factors -

  • More than 1000 days of fermentation

  • Clinically Proven

  • Inventor's credentials and worldwide recognitions

More Than 7 Wonders of 1000 Days of Fermentation

  1. DR-XENIJI was initially developed to provide nourishment for pregnant mothers and development of healthy fetus.
  2. Allows all nutrients from the fruit and vegetables to be fully fermented, hence creating the most Bio-active Board Spectrum co-factor and co-enzyme.

  3. Produces bioactive micro-fine nutrients that are in predigested form ready to be absorbed by cells, hence ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of metabolism in cells.

  4. Bioactive micro-fine nutrients are fast absorbed in our body therefore less energy is required for metabolism of food and nutrients, hence reducing the stress levels in the body which leads to improved health.

  5. Allows the capturing of full spectrum of phytonutrients and energy from all seasons of 52 types of fruits and vegetables together with Muscovado (raw brown sugar).

  6. Allows fruits and vegetables to ferment naturally. No heating or chemicals are required to sterilize or to quicken the fermentation process, hence all nutrients are preserved.

  7. Because it is a broad spectrum co-factor/co-enzyme, it acts as a booster catalyst for metabolic processes in our body, hence it has a positive effects on illnesses related to metabolic disorders.

    1. Boosted Activity of NK Cells by 6.5 Folds

    2. Absorption of Sugar into Bloodstream Curbed by 80%

    3. Lower Hypertension Causing ACE Activity Levels by 90%


  1. Increases cancer fighting cells and reduces abnormal cell mutation.Clinical Proof: DR-XENIJI boosted the activity of NK cells (cancer fighting cells) by as much as 6.5 fold within a mere 24 hours.
  2. Inhibits the accumulation of blood sugar in controlling diabetes

    Clinical Proof: DR-XENIJI inhibits the absorption of blood sugar into the body by as much as 80%.

  3. Regulates cell activity

    - Stimulates and balances enzyme activity levels in cells

    - Heightens up the low enzyme activity level of lethargic people.

    - Lowers down the high enzyme activity level of renal-hypertension sufferers, normalizing high blood pressure.

    - Clinical Proof: 50 mg/ml of DR-XENIJI lowers high blood pressure by 90%.

  4. Increases the fertility rate of couples with low fertility

    Hundreds of couples with low fertility, some of them have been married for more than 10 years without conceiving had benefited from DR-XENIJI.

  5. Improves digestion for better nutrients absorption and utilization

  6. Improves detoxification and bowel movement thus reducing toxic accumulation


Some benefits of improved healthy metabolism


  • Enhances nutrition absorption

  • Promote intellectual (brain) development

  • Maximizes the metabolism of nutrients for healthy physical growth

Expectant Mothers:

  • Helps in absorption of nutrients

  • Helps in optimal and healthy growth of the fetus

  • Increases energy levels

  • Reduces complication of pregnancy


  • Helps maintain normal metabolism to regulate cholesterol levels

  • Prevent accumulation of excessive fat

  • Helps regulate blood glucose uptake by the body

  • Helps normalize renal high blood pressure

  • Reduce the risk of cancer cell formation


  • Delay aging process

  • Invigorates and maintains efficiency of body organs

  • FAST – ACTING: In clinical tests, DR-XENIJI boosted the activity of NK cells (cancer fighting cells) by as much as 6.5 folds within a mere 24 hours.


  • Completely safe for consumption by anyone – even pregnant mothers and little babies.

 Also avaliable in  Jar (145g) @ S$382

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