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Since 1995, ELKEN has been helping millions of people realise their dreams. We have established a network that spans the international arena and we manage our operations professionally in strict accordance with the world-class ISO: 9001 certification.

The extensive ELKEN network represents a mutually beneficial partnership of more than 300,000 enthusiastic independent distributors in 7 countries, with more partners joining us every day. Significantly, the amazing ELKEN marketing plan enables a distributor to accrue wealth and health faster than any other.

Through ELKEN, you will have unlimited opportunities to capture a market as big as the world of more than 1,352 million people. The ELKEN network is truly a proven avenue to the lifestyle you aspire.

What else can you trust, if not your own experience? That's how ELKEN distributors around the world came to trust ELKEN. They personally know how committed we are in managing our business with a consistent set of values - one that constitutes only the highest standard of quality, integrity and excellence.

Combining innovative and superior ingredients formulated with a world-class manufacturing standard, our products have won the trust of millions of consumers.
With a comprehensive product range that extends from health care and beauty products to fast moving consumer goods, there is something for everyone in the family. Come and make your own discoveries.

Balanced Nutrition
1. ELKEN Spirulina - Power-packed with vegetable protein, it's the ideal food supplement for achieving good health and energy
2. Win Ester - C250 - Provides a way to build Vitamin C reserve in the body.
3. Win Calrich - Excellent source of Ionized Calcium with high bioavailability of 97.4%.
4. Win EPA 1000 - Provides dietary source of valuable Omega 3.

Increasing Oxygen Intake
1. AO Max - A natural detoxifier that helps starve harmful bacteria in a healthy environment and promotes growth of aerobic bacteria.
2. Win Rei Shi - Rich in essential minerals and vitamins, compromising 50% of Japan's Shitake Mushroom and 50% China's Lingzhi Mushroom.
3. Guasa Series - Increase oxygen by promoting blood circulation, activate and strengthen body, soothes nerves and promote well-being.

1. Fujita Lactose-S - Eliminates accumulated toxin and lodged coprostasis (stubborn stools), increase population of good bacteria.
2. Bio Pure Series R.O. Water Purification System - Provides pure, clean and healthy water. Removes all synthetic chemicals and inorganic contaminants, including harmful minerals like nitrate and nitrite.

Health Regulation
1. Win O'Taka Enzyme - Contains natural liquid extract of over 50 types of vegetables, fruits, herbs and seaweed to assist breakdown of nutrients and ease digestion. It enhances digestion and nutrient absorption.
2. Win HIFIBER CE - Serves as an aid to help maintain good health. Composes nutritionally balanced spirulina and natural dietary fiber in concentrated form.
3. LD~Venus GOLD - Formulated to support health and well-being of ladies. Contains Chinese herbs as dang gui, dang shen, bai jiang cao, yi mu cao and huang qi.
4. DK-Join - Proven to be more effective than glucosamine for OSTEOARTHRITIS pain. Helps to support overall joint health.
5. LIVEXtra - Keeps blood vessels pliable and elastic and improves blood flow. Helps maintain a healthy circulation.
6. Win IG6 Colostrum - Provides perfect balance of both Immune and Growth Factors. Builds and strengthens bones.
7. LD~Esteem - Helps enhance firmer and fuller breast contours, improves elasticity and lighten colour of nipples.
8. Dr. Diet - It is a Moderately Low Calorie Diet meal replacement designed for people who wish to embark on a safe and long-term weight loss and maintanence programme.
9. Dr. Xeniji - Helps enhance overall metabollic functions.
10. Palace Prime - Improve general health of men.

For more information, please visit or just dial my number at 8180-6937.

For those who need more help, please email me at or dial me at my direct number as shown above.

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No.1, Sims Lane, #03-03, #03-04, Singapore 387355
No.1, Sims Lane, #03-03, #03-04, Singapore 387355