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Mentalk a pure natural health candy which supply sufficient nutrients to our body cells, assists in sexual enhancement and reduces fatigue. It is non-toxic and has no side effects. It is developed by the Sino-USA Collaboration Technology research center at Alabama University Medical faculty in USA. The report from ALS Laboratory Group in Singapore indicated that Mentalk does not contain aphrodisiac, western medicines or illegal drugs. It is also approved by the Health Ministry in Singapore.


Effects of Mentalk?

It reduces fatigue, increases blood circulation, improves sexual life, prevents dryness and energizes our body. It is also useful on people who suffers symptoms like impotence, weakness of muscle and bone, cold pain of the loin and knees, constipation and so on.

For athletes, it is a powerful enhancement which improves the body nerve system, reduces fatigue, increases performances during training and competition. It definitely fulfills the requirements as it is free from artificial hormone, medicines and illegal drugs.

Main Ingredient
1) Cynomorium Songaricum (also known as “Ginseng of The Desert”)

Main Function
Helps invigorates the kidney and supplements essence for kidney “YANG” and insufficiency of blood manifested as impotence, nourishes the intestine and relaxes the bowels. 

Other Ingredients
Ginseng Extract, Hydrolysed Protein, Enzyme, Pomegranate Polyphenol, Malt

Ultimately these candy can be consumed by consumers who

encounters the following problems:-

  1. Urinal Disability

  2. Nocturia

  3. Lethargy

  4. Blood Circulation

  5. Obesity

  6. Fatigue

  7. Arthritis

  8. Incompetence

  9. Skin aging

  10. Cold Averse

Many people has faced with the above health problems and has proven that their life has improved tremendously after consumption of this unique candy.


Regular Price @ $65. Now selling at @ $60

30 candies (mix flavour of ginseng & coffee) individually packed in a box.

For trial – 5 candies @ $10


Payment will be by Cash on Delivery.

Pick-up can be arranged at any MRT stations.

Sms me at 91150605 for any enquiries.

Or email me at