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Hi big or slim ppl out u need to lose the excess fats? I have been trying to lose weight for more than 6years and finally I was introduced to a herbal product. Within 2 weeks, I lost 5kgs. Thoough I still have more kgs to lose I am happy there is no dieting or exercises required. I have tried slimming centres and in the end gained more weight. Now i eat what I like and yet lose excess fats and toxins from my body. My friends and families have seen the difference in me and now they are trying it too. If you are slim, don't be taken in that you are healthy. You can come and assess your body fat level. There are few of my slim friends who came for it and was shocked at their results. This machine is found in a few hospitals in Singapore. Get all your loved ones to try it. What I like about this pdt is there is no side effects. I used to have high blood pressure, skin problems and body aches. After few weeks, I don't have these problems. My doctor was surprised how my bp had fell to a normal level. This pdt is approved by Ministry of Health and HSA. Its worth the money. U can email me at for more information.