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HELP YOUR BODY ABSORB NUTRIENTS FASTER Are you taking health supplements and tonics regularly? Many people today are now becoming more health conscious, watching their diets and making sure the body is consuming the proper amount of nutrients. But most people forget _disibledevent="color: red">vital aspect of nutrition that could prove costly if overlooked. If not properly addressed, this aspect of nutrition could render all your efforts _disibledevent="color: red">nutrients absorption. Many of us forget that its not how much nutrients you take into your body, its how much your body can ABSORB. With the costs of everything rising today, it is certainly not cheap to buy health supplements and tonics these days. Can you imagine spending your hard earned money on nutritious products only to find out that they are all wasted because your body cannot absorb the nutrients fully? Many people think that in order to get the best nutrients we need to buy the most expensive products. But that's not true! If you can help your body absorb nutrients more effectively, your body will benefit far more than just going out and buying the most expensive Bird's Nest, Ginseng or Lingzhi! So what is it that affects our bodies ability to absorb nutrients? The answer can be found in our GUT. Yes, everything we consume is being absorbed by our digestive system. This system absorbs nutrients from our food and filter out whatever thats left in the form of faeces.  A healthy and strong digestive system is able to absorb nutrients more effectively Now that we know a healthy digestive tract is important to efficient nutrients absorption, the next question is how then do we keep our digestive system healthy? Scientists have shown that there are billions of bacteria residing in our digestive system. Generally they can be classified into 2 categories. Good bacteria and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria builds up due to impurities and unhealthy substances that we consume in our everyday food. The good bacteria acts as a counter to the bad bacteria by keeping them in check. Thus, a proper balance between good and bad bacteria is key to a healthy digestive system With a healthier digestive system, your body can now absorb nutrients better making your health supplements and tonics more effective. Think of it as laying the foundation for nutrition before you start on any nutritional supplement regime.

 the CARE DDSTM What is CARE DDS?CARE DDS is a special capsule that caters to increasing and strengthening the good bacteria in our digestive system. CARE DDS is:l  Manufactured under the auspices of Dr. Khem Shahsni (University of Nebraska).l  Manufactued in USAl  Guranteed to contain 4 billion live probiotics per capsule and 10 billion plus live probiotics per graml  Manufactured using proprietary process and subjected to over 15 – 20 clinical testsl  Most widely studied and identically recommended by innumerable international authorities Taking CARE DDS on a regular basis helps strengthen the good bacteria in our bodies and over time, increases the ability of our body to absorb nutrients better.


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