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MuscleTech Hydroxycut Advanced + MAN Vaporize

For Effective Fat Loss and General Health

MuscleTech Hydroxycut Advanced:

Besides being ephedra free, Hydroxycut has advanced ingredients that can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. In fact, a recent study conducted on Hydroxycut's key ingredient (calcium/potassium salt of 60% HCA extract from Garcinia Cambogia) showed that a subject that combining a 2000-calorie-per-day diet with a mild exercise plan (30 minutes of walking, 5 times per week) lost an average of 10 pounds in just 8 weeks.

Even fitness models and TV personalities such as Carol Grow, Brandy Flores, Rachel Moore and others are now using new advanced Hydroxycut. The new advanced Hydroxycut can help you lose weight by reducing your food cravings. This is especially important to those who find it hard to lose weight because their cravings get the better of them.

Pizza slices, Cheeseburgers, Chocolate Bars and other Fatty Foods can all be roadblocks to a great-looking body. Not only can Hydroxycut help speed up your metabolism, but it also increases fat oxidation. This simply means that Hydroxycut can help you burn fat as energy, which is exactly what you're looking for - support fat loss and boost energy levels in the process. The benefits of this unique supplement are truly exciting!


MAN Vaporize:

Comprised of a revolutionary nutritional breakthrough; sesamin, a gift found in the husks of sesame seeds and in the bark and fruit of certain plant species. VAPORIZE sets free a body fat reducing phenomenon so extraordinary it defies description!


1)     Helps in muscle building

2)     Burns fat

3)     Improves athletic endurance and exercise performance

4)     Health-Enchancing

5)     Supports healthy hormone profile

6)     Supports healthy muscle tones

7)     Aids weight management

8)     Supports healthy immune system functions

Recognized as a lignan, sesamin found in VAPORIZE from MAN Sports, also supports liver and kidney health, supports healthy cholesterol levels and has potent Antioxidant activity by increasing the absorption, use and recycling of Vitamin E.

Its tremendous fat oxidizing phenomenon is believed to be attributed to augmenting the release of potent thermogenic enzymes through liver function. Fascinatingly more, sesamin's potent effects are further amplified when used in conjunction with essential fatty acids.

And that is why VAPORIZE also integrates BIG-FISH, a potent 50% EPA/DHA fish oil matrix. As a premium source of EFA's, BIG-FISH, works in tandem with sesamin in VAPORIZE to initiate a fat incinerating and health promoting supplement unlike anything ever created!


1)     Energy Production

2)     Diffusion of oxygen into the bloodstream

3)     Brain and nerve tissue development

4)     Control cell membrane fluids

5)     Strengthen immune system

6)     Reduce water retention, by assisting in sodium and water removal.

7)     Calming effect and regulates mood

Why stack them together?

By stacking Hydroxycut with Vaporize, you can expect more dramatic fat loss results. The stack uses a three-pronged attack on the fats. Firstly, Hydroxycut's Rapid Release Capsules ensures that the fats are targeted faster than other fat loss supplements. With this method alone, you can expect to lose weight 2-3 times faster than what exercise and diet alone. Secondly, Sesamin in Vaporize is capable of decreasing the lipogenic (fat storing) gene expression of several different enzymes involved storing fat. Decreasing these lipogenic enzymes means that less fat is esterified in the liver and less fat is stored in the body via its effects on fatty acid oxidation and adipogenic gene expression. Besides being a fat repellant, it also has the potential to stack very well with Hydroxycut that modulate and improve the fat loss process. Thirdly, EFAs provides the essential fatty acids necessary to support optimal metabolism in the body. Supplementing with essential fatty acids can actually help your body loose fat, decrease cholesterol and reduce oxidative stress. 

Furthermore, fat burning is prolonged when you combine them together and you can even expect fat burning to take place even at the time where you are sleeping without suffering from insomnia. In the long run, your body will adopt a more healthy method towards losing fats, where sickness and fatigue no longer becomes an issue to you.This powerful fat loss stack is capable of turning flabs into flat or fabulous abs. Trust the stack to deliver the curves and contours to your smooth arms and legs by removing water trapped in your body caused by water retention. 

Get into shape now with the fat loss stack at a special price!


In conclusion, the stack:

Ø  Ramps up metabolism (burns fat a faster rate).

Ø  Burns fat at faster rate. ( 2-3 times as compared to either using Hydroxycut or Vaporize alone)

Ø  Controls appetite.

Ø  Reduces fat through fat oxidation.

Ø  Reduces fat storage.

Ø  Anti-oxidant properties.

Ø  Promotes healthy cholesterol levels.

Ø  Supports healthy liver and kidney functions.

Ø  Increase sensitivity and acts as a nutrient partitioner.

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