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ENJOY GOOD HEALTH after just wearing one very nice-looking AMEGA bio-magnetic bracelet with Far Infrared Energy (FIR) not found in other bracelets. And... if you want, make money after just one purchase.

Feel the immediate benefits of wearing AMEGA's Bio-Magnetic Therapeutic Bracelets.
The secret lies in the right combination of 2000 to 3000 Gauss(Magnetic strength) Neodymium (rare magnets) and Titanium which helps to :

- improve blood circulation
- increase body metabolism
- relieve effects of stress
- relieve joint and muscle aches and pain
- increase energy level
- ease Arthritic pain and rheumatism
- control Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
- lower cholesterol
Amega bracelets also help to relieve conditions like respiratory problems (eg coughs and asthma), constipation, insomnia and jet lag.

Magnetic therapy is a non-medical complementary or alternative method for the treatment of discomfort  and to enhance the body’s natural healing process.

Magnetic therapy is the essential health supplement to bio-energy deficiency. It has been researched and proven that people are healthier in parts of the world where magnetic fields are stronger. It is magnetic field deficiency that currently produces ailments like stiffness of shoulders, neck and chest pains, headache, insomnia and constipation. Magnetic therapy is best for both prevention and treatment of ailments.  Magnets are not magic..their function is very simple and they do work to improve your health and general well-being. It is believed that applying magnetic fields (eg wearing a bio-magnetic bracelet) to an injured area   improves blood flow and oxygen to enhance the body’s healing process. Magnets create a magnetic field believed to attract and repel charged particles in the blood creating movement and heat. This causes the blood vessels to widen and accelerate the healing process by allowing more blood to pass through the capillaries thus improving blood flow.  This in turn takes away the toxins in the system and bring in the nutrient-rich blood to the affected area. The improved blood flow and fluid exchange to the injured tissue helps reduce discomfort and inflammation.

AMEGA bracelets also contain Far Infrared energy (FIR) .. an important heat energy that promotes healing. FIR penetrates beyond the skin level and is absorbed efficiently by the cells below to activate, revitalize, reactivate, develop and strengthen the various organs in our bodies.

An AMEGA Bio-Energy bracelet with it's potent combination of both its magnetic therapy and FIR can help to relieve pain, enhance the blood circulation, purify the human body and can restore bioelectric current in our body to a balanced harmonious state.

Start wearing an AMEGA bracelet now. You can wear it on your wrist or use it on any part of your body.  It is really mobile and versatile. For example...Got headaches, migraines, insomnia or giddiness ? Place it on your forehead.
Trouble with recurrent cold, sneezing, watering, blockage, sinnitus ?  Place it on your nose !
Or for ailments of the upper part of your chest and throat such as asthma, bronchitis and throat pain, ...just place it on your throat or get a combination Magnetic and Far Infrared AMEGA necklace to wear around your neck.  You will feel the beneficial effects immediately !  The only way you’ll really know whether it’ll work for you is to try it.

With every bracelet purchased, you get an AMEGA business account (and your own free website) which allows you to earn substantial income per month if you want to.  OR you can just wear the bracelet for its health promoting benefits.!

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