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The Leading Brand in Japan

AFC Brand Story - Bringing the Very Best in Health, Beauty & Wellness from Japan

-  First Japanese health food company listed in JASDAQ

-  First Japanese company awarded health food GMP status

-  Products researched and developed by Japan Preventive Medical Laboratory

-  100% manufactured, packaged and directly imported from Japan

-  Highest quality assurance

Founded in 1969, AFC Japan is a leader in anti-aging science and nutritional research. Backed by a team of reputable and dedicated scientists and researcb personnels, together with the unwavering dedication towards product efficacy, quality and safety, AFC has innovated many reputable products that are category leaders and are well trusted by millions of customers in Japan and worldwide. 

Bestselling Products

-  AFC Ultimate Vision
– Scientifically advanced formula packed with the highest 25mg FloraGLO Lutein (equivalent to 125mg pharmaceutical grade Lutein and Zeaxanthin)! Helps alleviate eye fatigue and dryness, improves eye health, and is highly recommended for aging individuals with vision concerns. 

-  AFC Gold Q10 PLUS – Powerful anti-aging formula & miracle antioxidant! It gives you more with its superior 6-in-1 antioxidant formula naturally derived from foods and plants to support heart health, anti-aging and improve energy levels.

-  AFC LipoDOWN2 – Perfect for sedentary lifestyles, LipoDOWNs can power up fat burning round-the-clock and contains APF Fat Reduction Factors to stimilate continual fat burning for visible fat loss, inch loss and weight loss without yo-yo rebounds.

-  AFC Tsubai Collagen DX - It is clinically proven to effectively nourish and revitalize vulnerable parts of the skin by harnessing the synergistic power infusion of 5 multi-action skin rejuvenating nutrients for more radiant, youthful skin in just days!

-  AFC Collagen Beauty – Glowing gorgeous skin is now easy with Collagen Beauty! The matrix formula is made up of easily absorbable micro-collagen peptides to effectively ensure collagen is delivered right to where your skin needs it most, together with other essential nutrients including Shark Cartilage and Vitamin C.

-  AFC Kouzu – Japanese Kodawari vinegar to support digestion and maintain alkalinity! It contains 16 times more amino acids than regular Japanese vinegar, and is 20 times more concentrated than normal liquid vinegar. Kouzu aids detoxification, enhances blood circulation and metabolism, supports natural weight loss, healthy cholesterol, blood pressure and glucose levels.

-  AFC Maca Power 99 – Last longer with nature’s powerful Maca root for enhanced endurance and greater marital pleasure. Commonly referred to as the ‘Peruvian Viagra’, the all-natural formula helps increase stamina and energy.

Other great products from AFC Japan include:


AFC Bilberry-Lutein DX
AFC Brazilian Green Propolis Extract

AFC CHO Beauty

AFC Ginkgo Active

AFC Joint Sensei
AFC King Chlorella


AFC Saw Palmetto Premium
AFC Shark Cartilage

AFC Tobasi Slimming Tea

AFC Ultimate DHA70
AFC Vitamin B Complex

King Konboo Shampoo

King Konboo Essence

SHOKAIGAN Intensive Scalp Therapy Shampoo

SHOKAIGAN Intensive Hair Growth Tonic

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KA Place #05-01, 159 Kampong Ampat, Singapore 368328