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Magnergy Magnetic Sleeping System (single)

• Improves blood circulation

• Better tissue recovery and regeneration thus aids in healing

• Detoxify the body as it removes cholesterol and toxins

• Stronger immune system

• Promotes sound and restful sleep

Can last 20 years at least. 
Consists of 8 layers including double layers of polyester padding to ensure comfort.
Contains about 50 to 500 powerful 1000+ gauss-strong permanent anisotropic hard ferrite magnets to accelerate your ions and hemoglobin in your blood.

Get the Magnergy Sleeping System today as it provides excellent health benefits and be on the road to better health and sound/restful sleep.

Get it today At  Only $1800(Original Price $1980) and get a Free Magnetic Pillow System with free delivery to your doorstep!!
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