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Wateniser - The Ideal Water Filtration System (PSB Approved Product)
The waterniser is designed to Purify, Alkalize, Ionize & Vitalize drinking water in one swift process without electricity. This unprecedented water filter system incorporates the latest scientific breakthroughs in life sciences and nanotechnology. It is the most unique, cost effective and innovative filtration system.

No electricity needed.350g in weight, portable and easy to install (DIY). It is connected to water tap with selector valve to filter or unfilter.

10 Reasons to Use WATERNISER:
1. The ONLY 4-in-1 water filtration system in the world to attain purified, alkaline, ionized and vitalized water.
2. Direct from tap to mouth in one swift process without the use of electricity.
3. Eliminates >99.99% bacteria and viruses.
4. Removes chlorine, chemicals and other harmful contaminants.
5. Multiple benefits and protection.
6. Converts tap water into an extraordinary solution.
7. Excellent value and savings.
8. Simple and convenient to use.
9. Low cost.
10. Weighs only 350g.


Installation Description Point of use / directly attached to tap water faucet
Dimensions W105mm x H126mm x 60mm
Dry Weight 350 grams
Water Flow Rate Pressure 5 to 9 psi
Filtration Type Patented built-in multiple stages filtration system
Lifespan of Cartridge 6 months or 5,000 litres or 1,320 gallons (whichever come first)
PH Range Minimum 7.5 to 12 Maximum
Concentration Strength Based on water flow rate

Internal benefits

1) Helps to combat acidosis and protect against damaging free radicals which are the breeding ground for a myriad of degenerative diseases and illnesses, such as cancer, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, gastric-ulcers, tooth and gum disease, high-blood pressure, arthritis, haemorrhoids, psoriasis, osteoporosis, disorders of the kidney, liver and adrenal gland, obesity, gout, stress, anorexia, chronic fatigue, migraines, asthma, allergies and skin disorders
2) expels uric acid, toxins, acidic wastes & other impurities
3) improves muscle-tissues functions & joints mobility.
4) promotes secretion of breast milk and children\'s growth.

External benefits
1) promotes good skin and complexion & removes oily skin conditions.
2) eliminates bacteria & body odor
3) enhances the quality, taste & texture of these food sources, including cooked rice.

Retail Price : S$330.00

Our Price : S$288.00 (inclusive of delivery & installation) + 1 year warranty (External unit only) 

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