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Looking forward, Sinchong will endeavor to pursue service excellence with a mission to provide health-conscious individuals with a holistic approach to total health through quality and value-for-mone
We provide different type of services here in AMK TCM CLINIC. We also sell products such as, Ginseng, Codyceps. Call us now!
AT Prevention + Cure TCM Center We offer the following products & services : Acupressure Consumptive Disease Internal Medicine Qigong Exercise Treatments for Menopausal Syndrome/Deficiency Syndro
With its credibility, Ming Tai serve his customers with fine and quality herbs such as “Wild Ginseng, Bird’s Nest and Cordyceps.”
About Us At Ang Mo Kio - Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, we are dedicated to the development of an integrated system of services. We believe that the needs of our patients are best served by developing indi
Tried all sorts of methods to slim down? Bounced back even after spending thousands of dollars? Side effects after using doctor's prescriptions? Why not try a proven method using Acupuncture Slimming
We also market both reliable and high quality Chinese herbs, proprietary Chinese medications, as well as health foods and supplements.
Chinese masseuses provide TCM meridian massage therapy. A male Singaporean Chinese physician performs TCM tuina, acupuncture, and prescribes topical/oral herbs for sports injuries.
To create public awareness for healthcare improvement.
·Makuang History Ma Kuang Healthcare Group Pte Ltd (“Ma Kuang”), one of the leading healthcare groups in holistic Traditional Chinese Medicine (“TCM”) products and serv
Acupuncture is a treatment technique based on the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM) to treat and prevent a variety of illnesses.
We provide acupuncture and chinese massage slimming, relaxing chinese massage and beauty services! All procedures done by government registered physicians! All natural and effective with no pain or s
We Provide All Traditional Chinese Medicine Services From Herbal Remedies To Chinese Massage! For More Information Or Appointments, Call 62584125 / 62581951 / 62580849 Or Simpy Walk In At Blk 190 Toa
Try TCM's Acupuncture Slimming.. A Combination of East & West Methods @ Affordable Price!!! it is Effective, Safe, Painless, No need to Exercise & No Rebounds!!! Visit: http://ideallyou.jimdo
Our mission is to promote TCM as excellent and professional health care service, enhance the public trust and awareness in TCM practice.
We have 10 trained traditional Chinese female/male massagers/therapists in Tua Na, cupping, Gua Sha and other treatments.
Tui-na Treatment & TCM Massage 60min $65 90min $85
Dr Zhang Mao Ji is a Singapore Ministry Of Health Registered TCM Physician and Acupuncturist