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Maintenance Services

It is important to service the air-conditioner unit regularly to prevent the airconditioner from breaking down easily
Our services - no sloppy job, comprehensive & detailed job with clear explanation.
Any customer not satisfy with our services/work, we will refund.

Our general services detailed procedures for Fan-coil unit as below
- Cleaning of Cover, Blower, Cooling fins
- Cleaning of Pre-Filter, Drip Pan
- Clearing of pipe chokages, removes the jellies, fungus,
- Checking for wear and tear of compnents

Refrigerator/Washing Machines/Dryer Checking and Repair Services

Refrigerator General Problems
-running without cooling
-Running, but temperature too cold
-Chiller/Freezeer not cooling
- excessively noisy
-Leakage and more

Washing Machine general problems
-Washer doesnt fill, Spin or drain
-Water doesnt stop running
-washer vibrates
-washer doesnt fill and more

Email us your enquiry and problems, we will provide the best solution.

Any Enquires, pls call 97523702

If looking for Stainless Steel commerical/industrial fridge, kindly email us for more information