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One Stop Habitat Care Pte Ltd is a well established company with National Environment Agency (NEA) and National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) trained & certified staff, equipped with the relevant experience and knowledge to provide the following services.

Pest Management services for domestic, commercial and industrial premises
Bird Control services using best bird products and proven methods to solve pigeon, crow, mynah and starling problems.
Fumigation of ships, commodities, artifacts, books, furniture, musical instruments, antique, aquatic plants, cut flowers etc including ISPM 15 fumigation of wood packaging material.
Garden & Lawn Care services including landscape designing.
Habitat Care products to care for the environment you live, play and live in.

We are a registered Vector Control Operator with the Ministry Of The Environment Singapore. Our professionally trained staff offer prompt and reliable services with an emphasis on being responsible to the environment wherever possible without compromising results for our customers.

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Our Range of Services

General Pest Control
Includes extermination and control of Cockroaches, Rodents, Common Ants, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks, Silverfish, Houseflies, Bedbugs etc.

Subterranean Termites, Commonly known as "White Ants"
Besides eating up wood structures, which can endanger human lives when the main support beams in the roof give way, they also attack books, wire insulation and other materials containing cellulose. Subterranean Termites enter buildings through tiny cracks in footings, foundations, expansion joints and utility service portals. Because subterranean termites eat away wood from the inside, damage can be quite extensive before it is noticed. It is false to assume that termites only attack old and dilapidated buildings. All buildings, old or new, fabricated wholly or partly of wood is likely to be infested.

How to stop the one Bug capable of bringing the roof down on you.

  • Pre-construction Soil Treatment with warranty
    The process involves treating the soil beneath the building, prior to its construction, with a Termiticide. The treatment provides a Termicide barrier to all routes of subterranean termite entry.

  • Corrective Soil Treatment With Warranty
    This treatment provides protection of buildings that were not chemically soil-treated during construction. And should be considered during renovations or before moving into a house you've just bought. Corrective soil treatment involves the drilling of tiny holes through the building's concrete floor slab. These holes on both sides of every wall, enable a termiticide to be injected into the soil below, cutting off any infestations and creating a barrier against re-infestation. The price for corrective treatment for your house very often costs less than the kitchen cabinets you install or the repair costs for termite damage.

  • Control Through Inspection and Extermination Method
    When the foregoing preventive methods cannot be employed, our Subterranean Termite Control contract which provides for regular inspections of your property using a combination of Australia-made termite detection and sigthing devices( as shown below) will help minimise termite damage through accurate detection of infestation and prompt treatment.

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