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Preventive maintenance and pest management industry since 1980
1.0 General Pest Control We provide good, reliable, prompt and satisfying Pest Management services at affordable prices to Customers in: Homes Condominiums Offices Industrial Buildings Factories Ware
Company profile Vectrol Pest Management Pte Ltd is a well established pest management specializing in fumigation service with competently trained and experienced staff certified by Agri-Food and Vete
We provide customized pest management packages/program including technical and financial consultancy to meet Customers budget and/or requirement.
We Provide Pest Management Services - We Take Great Care Of Our Clients.
Fumigation for air, sea and land transport with fumigants - Methyl bromide (MB) and Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN). Also include commodities/agricultural products fumigation for various industrial and commer
About us The Pestman: Your Premier Pest Control Service Provider The Pestman was founded on May 1999 by Mr David Lee with an initial staff strength of 5 – 8 men and 3 vehicles. Since then, The Pestma
Our goal To be the industry natural choice when it comes to improving and maintaining the environment our clients work or live in. Company profile Armadillo Pest Quest Pte Ltd is well established wit
Company profile Armadillo Pest Quest Pte Ltd is well established with competently trained and experienced staff certified by National Environment Agency (NEA) and National Skills Recognition System (
Affordable Custom Contemporary Furnishings & Designer Imports (Sofas, Armchairs, Tables, Ottomans, Dining Chairs, Bed Frames, Head Boards, Divan, Stools, Upholstered Wall Panels and many more) Sh
Furnishing  |  Furniture  |  Sofa  |  Custom  |  Table
Newash Cleaning! We provide spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, event cleaning, contract services,etc. for: - Offices - Residential (HDB or Private), Spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning,
No matter the type and size of your business, we offer an integrated and complete service program to meet your unique quality standards --- all at one stop right here. Always working within your budg
Associates, led by an efficient team of management, dutifully provide day to day operations and resolve all kind of pest control issues.
We are a Singapore based professional Company which offer top notch cleaning services
Vast experience, track record and diverse expertise give you the advantage of a one-stop environmental services center.
Pestguards Pest Management offers you and your family effective, safe and dependable service. We will customize a program to your unique needs based on a detailed inspection of your home or estate.
AEON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES PTE LTD AEON was established in 1993 and incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1994. With over 14 years of experience and expertise in the industry, AEON is _disibl
Many years of experience in serving customers from various sectors
PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL SERVICE IS CRUCIAL AND NECESSARY Nobody has a chemical that can eliminate all the pests permanently. One reason is because it is almost impossible to kill all the insect eggs
About Us We are based in Singapore and our aim is to ensure that our services delivered to our customers are the most cost effective so that our valuable customers like yourself can relax comfortably