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About Bona

At Bona we are proud of our history. Back in 1894, the 26-year old Wilhelm Edner opened a small grocery shop in Malmö where he sold coffee. The business went well and during the 1910s floor wax came into the picture - a completely new product to the Swedish market. 
Within five years, floor polish, mop oil, dry floor cleaner, waxing equipment and other floor care products had been added to the range. And 80 years later we have developed into an international world leading company producing and selling a total solution for wooden floor treatment. We stick to what we are and what we do best


We create all our products to work perfectly with each other to form a unique product range that really brings out the best in all wooden floors. From production and installation, to maintenance and renovation - we’ve got it covered. Please pick your area of interest; professional or consumer product

Our complete system of products covers every possible need for contractors, pre-finished parquet producers, architects, specifiers and homeowner

Bona also provides a range of DIY-products and a specially formulated range of floor care products

For the end consumer, Bona has a comprehensive range of DIY-products. Everything you need to renovate your floor!

We also have the Bona Floor Care System, which is specially developed for the maintenance of wooden floors

call us at 6738 5580 to know more of our home product services

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390 Havelock Road, #07-03 King's Centre, Singapore 169662