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We are a company located at the Singapore Science Park where premier high-tech companies are based. Our principal R&D activities focus on illumination control technology and home automation. Our mission is to develop/create a new generation innovative products that complement the sophistication of today's lifestyle.

Our innovative remote control switch, using our proprietary technology is among world first that offer the convenience of direct replacement for the conventional mechanical wall switch without re-wiring, irregardless of the lamp types. This new technology is a technological breakthrough that surpassed the limitation of the existing wiring practice on all households and buildings.

The new technology was co-funded by the National Science & Technology Board (NSTB) and the Productivity & Standards Board (PSB).

Have you ever wondered how you can have more control over the lights at home or at work?

Ask yourself: "Wouldn't you like to…"

"Go straight to sleep after reading in bed?"

"Dim the lights in the comfort of your sofa when the movies come on?"

"As a presenter in a huge conference room, control on/off or dimming of lights to match your presentation needs?"

"Prevent your elderly parents/grandparents to grope in the dark and risk falling down when they wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom…?"

"Or…..?" The possibilities are really up to your imagination.

JDO E-Switch

JDO Stylo 2800 electronic wall switch is our 1st generation product line which offers remote control function of wall switches without the need for rewiring.

Our aesthetically designed product line - Single Gang, Dual Gang, Three Gang and Dimmer offers great convenience and flexibility to end users. STYLO products can be installed stand-alone or multiple units can be added in future. In addition, STYLO is compatible with all lamp types:

Single/Dual/Three Gang: Incandescent, Fluorescent, Energy Saving & Halogen light bulbs
Dimmer: Incandescent, Halogen light bulbs

Affordable and easy to use, STYLO is an innovative new generation of lighting control products which replaces mechanical switches. Here are just some of the reasons why:

STYLO switch is "plug & play". It can be easily installed in new or existing homes without the need of rewiring the existing wiring system. STYLO remote controller communicates wirelessly with STYLO e-switch via infra-red (IR) signals.

STYLO is backward and forward compatible. It is a direct and hassle-free fit into existing wall switch socket. STYLO is also backward compatible as it can be easily removed from the wall switch socket anytime to be replaced back by a mechanical switch.

STYLO is individually intelligent. STYLO is designed to have distributed intelligence: if a STYLO product isn't functioning as it should, the rest of the system will still continue to work as other components in the system will not be affected.


JDO STYLO 2800 JDO STYLO 2800 series of product have
been tested and approved by PSB and SIRIM in accordance to
IEC 60669-2-1:2000.

All JDO e-switches come with a one (1) year warranty; remote
controllers are not covered under product warranty.

Our Breakthrough Technology (AIPAC)

Our technology, termed as Automatic In-phase Power Actuation Control (AIPAC) is a proprietary design for which patent application in UK is obtained. Patent application in USA and PCT is pending.

Very simply, AIPAC technology enables our wall switches and lighting automation products to achieve remote control function without the necessity of rewiring. Compatibility with all lamp types This capability is currently not available in the market and we are the originator of this technology. For further technical information, please refer to Our Technology page.

For more information, Please contact us at:

Blk71, #07-16,
Ayer Rajah Industrial Estate,
Ayer Rajah Crescent,
Singapore 139951.

Tel:(65)-67785318 Fax:(65)-67785626


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