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Not just Products, IT’S Solutions

With that in mind, we present to you the

Intelligence Technologies System. This is a concept, which features

the combination of a home automation system and a security system.

Through an integration of these two, we offer you the solution of a

customized intelligent home together hybrid with a security system, which

is user-friendly and hassle free. With unique functionality, all the

technologies you desire are provided to you on a single user interface,

which utilizes clear design and simple terms and symbols to make home

management a breeze.

Please contact our sales personnel; we would be pleased to provide you

with a demonstration at your convenience.

Solutions & Services

Intelligence Home Automation System

Intelligence Security System

Wireless Lighting Control (Radio Frequency)

Telephone monitoring security system

Video Recorder – Internet viewing

Biometrics access system

Voice and Video Inter Communication System

* Feel free to ask for a quotation with no obligations

For more enquires please contact us at:

Mobile: 9 769 5658 / 9 747 8787