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Poly Art Natural Marble Furniture was founded in 1976, by Mr. J. S. Chang.

A young man with passion for “Stones and sculptures”  Mr. Chang, was born in Hualian Taiwan. He came to Singapore in 1969 on an invitation assignment from his sculptor professor, the late Mr. Yu Yu Yang to carve the famous “88 Mortals” on the Martitus Mandarin Hotel lobby’s wall.

After Mr. Chang finished his assignment in Singapore, he did not return to Taiwan, in fact he saw a market opportunity supplying marble furniture in Singapore. He started a promising marble furniture business in Singapore and quickly grew to supply marble through out South East Asia and Europe. Poly Art is also a manufacturer of its own products and has factories in China, Vietnam and Czech Republic.

Poly Art Natural Marble furniture has established itself into a mid-size corporation, not only selling marble furniture but has expanded into other furniture and marble related products such as:              



  • Figurative and Animal sculptures.
  • An extensive range of Fireplaces.
  • Kitchen vanity tops made to order.
  • A wide range of marble table tops with wooden legs.
  • A selection of wooden chairs.
  • The famous Kopi Tiam coffee table set


284-286 Changi Road

Singapore 419763


Telephone:(65) 64474026 / (65) 64474027
Fax:(65) 63448021