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Francse Laundry has its beginning in 1995 offering only
laundry services. We expanded to include dry
cleaning in 1998. Francse Laundry has a team of
dedicated staff to provide a quality and efficient
range of dry cleaning and laundry services to all

Our normal service is four (4) working days including
the sending day. For curtain cleaning (please remove
all curtain hooks before sending the curtain for
cleaning), the turn-around time is five (5) working

We also have agents located in various
condominiums  in the West, such as Ulu Pandan,  
Clementi, Hill View and Bukit Timah.

We also provide additional services such as :

1) Curtain removal & installation
Yes! We have staff to remove the curtain from your
home and  have them cleaned and then put back
again (this service also includes removal of curtain
hooks prior to cleaning and putting back the hooks
after cleaning). This is very convenient for all
homeowners and offices. Advance booking is
required for this service.

2) Sofa/cushion covers removal
This is another service for homeowners who are too
busy to bother with mundane things like changing
sofa covers and cushion covers.

3)Carpet Rug Cleaning
We are also experienced carpet cleaner and we dry
clean or shampoo oriental rug and persian rug. The
turn-around-time for carpet cleaning is 10 working

Free delivery within Singapore
Delivery and collection is free when your order
totalled more than $20.00. This is applicable for the
first trip made. For the return trip, customers can send
any number of items for cleaning with no extra