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Interior Effects Rustica Pte. Ltd was founded by Mr. Malek Mattar to offer a broad spectrum of furniture, furniture related products and services in the capacity of conceptualizing, manufacturing and distribution.

Taking a big step towards stronger branding and marketing strageties, and also to streamline the company's business and identity - Interior Effects Rustica Pte. Ltd has been renamed, IERUS Pte. Ltd. Under it's broad umbrella, IERUS Living, Lifestyle Furnishing Concepts continues the ardent pursuit of the retail business.

With a team that delivers unconditional commitment we've achieved growth with our retail business. Together with careful imaging and positioning of our store image, consistent with the quality of our products and services - IERUS Living, Lifestyle Furnishing Concepts is an impressive presentation of more than 6000sqft of retail space at EUNOS TECHNOLINK. It strives to carry as complete as each range can be, giving depth of the number of collections it carries. Our showrooms offer an enhanced shopping experience for our retail customers and trade visitors

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