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We are currently doing a marketing champaign for our pre-launch water filtration system.
Giving away free water filtration system (worth $1800) + Free installation + 1 year free service. Just requred to sign up a 3 ~5 year service contract with our company which will replace the filter every yearly, which will cost about $1 per day to provide clean Alkaline water for the Family.

The filtration system consist of 4 stages filter, namely:
(1) Sediment filter - Effectively remove small particle
(2) Nano membrance filter - Removes fine particle, bacteria & virus
(3) Post carbon filter  - Remove chlorine, dissolved chemicals & heavy metals, improve taste
(4) Ceremic pi filter - Oxidization reduction, energise water, alkaline water and breakdown water molercule for easy adsorption

Common water problem: Odinary water contains chlorine & heavy metals, rust, fluride, chemical, that damage cellular tissues of our body.
Clinical Results:

 There have been many result for treating different type of diseases like High blood pressure, Heart diseases, Allgergies, Diabete, Obesity, Kidney problem

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