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The Earth Sanctuary Day Spa is an intimate and rustic holistic day spa nestled in the heart of Club Street for men and women who want balance and harmony in their lives. Signature treatments include the Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime and Hawaiian Ka Huna bodywork.

Bodywork Training

Bodywork Training Institute Series is an extensive line of courses designed to enhance and broaden the skills for the individuals and the spa professional while pursing the cultural and evolutionary nature of the spa experience.

The courses provide for a thorough understanding of Massage & Bodywork, as well as additional trainings in complementary modalities that offer refinement of the skills and knowledge necessary to be a proficient bodyworker.

The bodywork Training Institute runs regular evening/day classes on a variety of topics, useful for broadening ones skills and knowledge. Enroll today and train under our expert staff in a supportive and growth-orientated atmosphere.


Call us at (65) 6324-7933 for more information.
All classes are held at
Earth Sanctuary Day Spa
86 Club Street Singapore 069454

Anatomy and Physiology Beginner 10
Aesthetic Aromatherapy Theory and Body Massage Beginner 20
Aesthetic Aromatherapy Facial Beginner 10
Balinese Massage Pre-requisite 10
Basic Chi Nei Tsang International Organ Massage Pre-requisite 5
Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy (Torso) Pre-requisite 10
Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular Therapy (Extremities) Pre-requisite 10
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 1 (Basic) Pre-requisite 15
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Level 2 (Advance) Pre-requisite 10
Hot Stone Massage Pre-requisite 5
Indian Marma Head Massage Beginner 8
Infant Massage Beginner 5
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Face and Body) Pre-requisite 20
Postpartum Massage and Post-Natal Treatment Pre-requisite 6
Pre-Natal Massage Pre-requisite 10
Foot Reflexology 1 Beginner 5
Foot Reflexology 2 Beginner 5
Shiatsu Beginner 10
Spa Treatments Pre-requisite 5
Swedish Massage Beginner 15
Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles and Cupping and Moxibustion Pre-requisite 5

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From the moment you arrive, you are our honoured guest. We desire to make you happy, for happiness is essential to health. We look forward to greeting you at Earth Sanctuary.

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