Protect your children's eye from long hours of ipad,flashstorysg Protect the kids eyes from long hours of staring Ipad, Mini Home wall projector (55inches big screen on the ceiling or any smooth surfa
Teach Kids Programming
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Communication workshops for age 7 to 18
A workshop to help children understand their feelings and to amend unsociable behaviour.
Home-Based Computer Programming classes for Kids age 8 years and above
At Brainy Kids Schoolhouse Childcare Service, we believe that a child’s early learning experiences begin from his or her brain development as the child’s brain from birth is able to make connections t
Hey guys! Penmanship is alive and kicking! Remember when having penpals was really cool? has just launched for kids 12 years and below - pop in for a visit if you'd like. (www.penpalkid.
Looking for one to one art teacher for 5 year old
Glitter Buds is a two-days holiday programme for young children ( 4-6 years old)
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Our Everything is Awesome! Master Inventor Workshop is an exciting and fun story-based workshops for children age 5 and above with lego robotics and invention crafts
Your child will be able to read on his/her first lesson with me. Have taught hundreds of children. Parents are satisfied with my programs.
The Tot’s Classroom proposes a suite of enrichment courses for early-learner students who are three to six years old.
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Build children's confidence in reading through phonics.
Developing Child Holistically & Being a Healthy and Fun Parents
Analytical Critical Thinking (ACT™) & BrainWise - A Decision Making Program
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Feeling lost in finding the right children enrichment program for your children? TheArthaus is the place where you child can discover what they are capable of.
This fun and exciting art workshop for kids (7-15 years) to learn how to create 3D reindeer using recycled materials (such as newspapers), crepe papers and more! There will be delicious refreshments f
We provide Mathematics programmes for primary school pupils.

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