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Chatsworth Kindergarten has grown from the base of Chatsworth International School. Registered as a local kindergarten with the Singapore Ministry of Education, Chatsworth Kindergarten is able to provide the 'best of both worlds' as a modern, locally registered kindergarten with an international foundation. 

Chatsworth Kindergarten provides a positive, exciting and stimulating environment that introduces children to the joys of learning. Children experience many meaningful hands-on learning activities, which encourage them to explore and form conclusions about the world around them.

Children develop an enthusiasm for learning through an integrated, child-centred approach, which supports cultural diversity. They experience success in a safe, supportive and non-threatening environment, which builds a firm foundation of self-belief and confidence. Teaching and learning activities are topic based whilst meeting specific learning goals for kindergarten education in Singapore.

We are registered as "An Approved Institution" with MCYS. This registration allows eligible Singaporean citizens to utilise the Children Development Co-Saving (Baby Bonus) Scheme for the payment of kindergarten fees.

Take your time to browse through our website and check the FAQs page for answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to phone or email for a prompt response.