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105 Lorong Stangee Singapore 425080
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We believe that the power to learn resides in each child. Children are self-motivated learners actively seeking to understand the world around them. With the right environment and guidance, they can be challenged to engage, explore, create, aspire and dream.

Little Big’s interactive and warm environment promotes ample opportunities for active self-learning, creative expression, exploration and imagination.

Besides learning, we strongly believe in nurturing a child’s character and influencing their value system. Hence, Little Big is a place where there is strong positive role modeling and healthy social interaction.

We recognize that teachers are the best assets of a learning environment. We have a team of experienced and dedicated teachers trained in Early Childhood Education who are passionately involved in the child’s learning process. Through keen observation, active listening and constant motivating, our teachers’ role is to co-explore the learning experience with the children so as to inculcate a love for learning at a young age.

Monday to Friday7.00 A.M. - 7.00 P.M.
Saturday7.00 A.M. - 2.00 P.M.
Sunday and Public Holidayclosed

We are located at:

105 Lorong Stangee
Singapore 425080
Tel:(+65) 97729297