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Updated on 30-08-2007
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 Accounting courses for you Business needs - Rockbell International Software Pte Ltd


At Rockbell, we are committed to providing quality accounting solutions for businesses. Our global strategy is to be the premier provider of software and services to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive market and to integrate this with a digital world. The Rockbell team works hard to satisfy the needs of small and midsized businesses with our  carefully tailored business solutions and strong customer support.

Rockbell offers range of courses to keep you on top of your accounts. And there are courses to suit everyone – from those without any book-keeping skills, to those who simply want to learn how to use our software properly and effectively. Company accounts are crucial and being able to keep them in order is an essential skill in any business.

Perfect Book-Keeping + Rockbell Accounting Software Course (36 hours)
This course has been designed to cater to those who aspire to become book-keepers equipped with the skills to process full sets of accounts for manufacturing or trading companies. Don’t worry, no prior accounting knowledge is necessary. Rockbell professionals will train and teach you all you need to know to become a perfect book-keeper, using Rockbell Accounting Software.

Elementary Level Book-Keeping + Rockbell Accounting Software Course (12 hours)
Rockbell offers an elementary-level basic book-keeping course for those without any prior accounting knowledge. So, if you want to learn the basics and become Rockbell Accounting Software savvy, here’s your chance. Our 12-hour book-keeping course will teach you the fundamentals of accounting and how to use Rockbell Accounting Software.

Rockbell Accouting Software Course (6 hours)
But if you already know the principles of accounting, then all you might need is to be equipped with accounting software skills. Our software is fully automated and computerised and makes accounting and keeping the books so much easier. Rockbell’s accounting software course will you give that edge when it comes to keep the company books in order.

Rockbell Payroll Software Course (6 hours)
So you’re well grounded in software accounting skills and know how to use Rockbell Accounting Software, but what about churning out the payroll? Come and learn how to use Rockbell Payroll Software – all our products can be integrated to make life simpler for you.

Rockbell Stock Control Software Course (6 hours)
Learn how to use Rockbell’s Stock Control Software, also one of our most popular software products. These courses are designed to keep you abreast with the updated functions of our software and teach you how to use the software effectively to avoid miscalculation.

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