Diploma in Digital Media

Updated on 29-04-2008
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Diploma in Digital Media

Achieve 4 qualifications in only one programme.

* Certificate in Visual Communication
* Certificate in Digital Effects
* Certificate in Digital Animation / Certificate in Game Design
* Diploma in Digital Animation / Diploma in Game Design

Today, digital media has been practiced and theorized within frameworks of more traditional media, such as television, CG, animation and multimedia arts. However, the understanding of what is radically new about digital media often eludes such frameworks, because digital media challenges many of the paradigms that these frameworks are built upon. The need for an original framework that emerges from digital media is imperative for a new medium.

This diploma programme focus on core intentional or inherent aspects of technology based art. Some of these aspects unique to digital media such as visual communication, interactivity, animation and gaming. This programme will introduce the core conceptual skills necessary to employ digital media in the generative and investigative context of creative design industry.

Professional Certificate in Digital Photography

(includes free SLR Digital Camera + 3D2N Overseas Shooting Trip + Interactive CD-ROM)

This subject is appropriate to all aspects of digital photography and will cover various editing methods from the mechanics of digital cameras to the artistic of digital photographic composition. This course is designed for the digital photography lovers as an “in depth” programme, which gives professional image-makers all the background knowledge and “hands-on” skills that they are likely to need to set up a high-quality digital-imaging workflow, and significantly, students will be taught to integrate all of their qualifies snapshots into a piece of interactive CD-ROM. Instead of having to go on two or three different courses to try to learn these techniques, this course will offer a complete understanding at every stage of image-capture, manipulation and interactive CD-ROM production.
Lecturer will assist students to achieve the vocational value with a professional and latest SLR Digital Camera. Lecturer will also help students to identify additional equipment and software that you may need to plan to purchase in the foreseeable future.
This course is intended to develop an understanding of the technical and aesthetic foundations in digital photography through the latest digital technology. The emphasis is on the individual to develop a personal style of image making to suit a potential career path. The programme covers both the theory and aesthetics of image making in combination with design and technique.

Students will explore a range of photography including: portraiture, documentary, landscape, still-life and experimental imagery. Experimental skills and techniques will be developed in camera handling, photoshop production and presentation technique. A critical appreciation of photography including contemporary developments, style, social and cultural impact on society.

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