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Updated on 28-05-2008
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Dismal about looking for a reliable, qualified private tutor after many attempts with subjective success levels? Fret not. I now assure you the following is worth a few minutes of your precious time.

Trust training is a private company that is registered with the Ministry of Education to provide you with solutions you have always been seeking.

We have a range of tutors spanning from O/A level graduates to experienced teachers at your calling, offering their invaluable guidance for a myriad of subjects, LEVELS(from K1 to Junior College) and enrichment courses(for all ages).

For your interest, enrichment/academics courses are also wide-ranged, such as

-music courses (bass guitar, er hu, keyboard, piano, saxophone, violin, flute, guitar ETC)
- art courses (oil painting, calligraphy, water colouring ETC)
- sports courses (swimming, aerobics, wushu, basketball, bodybuilding, aikido, pilate ETC)
- computer courses (microsoft office, adobe photoshop, C# programming ETC)
- language courses (dutch, english, chinese, french, malay, tamil, japanese, korean, german, russia, italian ETC)
- special miscellenous courses (baking, cooking, creative thinking, critical thinking, floral arrangement, foot reflexology, hair styling, photography ETC)

The benefits of signing up with us:

- We are an experienced, MOE-registered tuition company which has been in this line for the past 14 years. You will get an official receipt.
- Get 20% DISCOUNT for EPB assessment books that come in a BUNDLE and will be delivered to your doorstep FOC! http://www.trusttutor.com
- Accumulate points for every dollar you spend on lesson/tuition and redeem shopping vouchers for your benefits
- Obtain a FREE Online E-learning / E-assessments that are equivalent to practising on your assessments and ten-year series. The usual price for non-members is $50/month.
- In our database, there are many tutors, with which can be quickly replaced at your calling.
- Many other miscellenous activities which include field trips and learning journeys to other countries.
-We Cater to ALL your needs, in every aspect you desire.

valoureigns@gmail.com  for further enquiries. Your email will be replied within 24 hours. For more immediate questions, contact Xue Hua at 81025606.