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Conversation Course
»Conversation I
»Conversation II
Beginner’s Course
»Beginner’s I
»Beginner’s II
»Beginner’s III
»JLPT 4 Preparation
JLPTJapanese Language Proficiency Test *1
Intermediate Course
»Intermediate I
»Intermediate II
»Intermediate III
»JLPT 3 Preparation
Other Courses
»Business Japanese
»Business Japanese Workshop
We Provide Japanese Training for Professionals
It is widely known that the earlier one starts learning a language the more effective it is. However, the globalised economy these days makes it imperative that we pick up language skills as we encounter foreign partners and clients.
Bearing this in mind we offer a highly effective way of learning language targeted towards busy professionals. Our unique, strong points are:
1)We offer training at your premises so that you save travel time.
2)We offer twelve core courses of which you may mix and match depending on your requirement. All courses are customizable.
3)We incorporate industry-specialized vocabulary upon request.
4)We make use of multi-media (Picture cards, photos, slides, videos and J-POP music) to aid memorization and grammar acquisition, also make your learning enjoyable.
5)We emphasize on listening practice, the best speaker has to be the best listener.
6)We incorporate a good number of class activities in order to acquire practical Japanese. If you don't immerse in the language, you won't be able to use it.
We introduce Japanese business etiquette and culture. A very important aspect when you are dealing with the Japanese in business. It is not just what you talk but also how you talk and how you act.

Online support
All our students can utilize our online support. If there are any questions after the lesson, you can ask by e-mail. Our instructors will respond promptly.
Progress report
Periodical progress reports from several short tests and class participation will be given to the students and HR/training manger if required.
Final evaluation
Final test will be conducted at the end of each course for the final evaluation. We'll report the result along with progress report to both learners and HR/training manager upon request.
Our original certificate will be awarded upon request after completion of each course.
Our Trainers

Our teachers are professionally certified and dedicated to training with vast working experience and knowledge.

Flexible lesson hours
We provide lessons from Mon-Sat, 8am - 8pm.
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