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ABOUT THE SCHOOLThe Barclyne Business School was established in 1995 with the founding philosophy of providing the best educational opportunities to both local and foreign students. We offers a wide range of programmes from Specialized English Language Foundation Courses to leading Diplomas to prestigious Degree Programmes.
Proof of our success was the honor of being chosen by the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) to broadcast our English Language
Programmes throughout Singapore in 1998 and over the air on FM 100.3 radio station in 2000.


The school has granted Case Trust for Education awarded by Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) and joined a Student Protection Scheme (SPS), Tuition fees are paid to the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS)’s ESCROW account.


Respect, Responsibility, Caring education direction, development to become a world-class institution.

Below are some of the courses and programmes that we offer -


It is four-level series for adult and young adult learners of English from the beginning to the high-intermediate level, students will gain skills in the English language in terms of the four skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing. At the end of the forth level, students is capable to sit for IELTS or TOEFL.


Widely regarded as the language of international business, English is essential to today's commercial environment, both for companies seeking to trade overseas and for employees wishing to develop careers in global industries.

English for Business (EFB) is one of LCCI's flagship qualifications and, is respected internationally by employers and universities. Many employers specify EFB as a standard for recruitment and universities recognise EFB Level 3 as fulfilling their English language requirements.

IELTS Preparation Course

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally owned and globally recognised direct English language assessment of the highest quality and integrity readily available throughout the world.


IELTS covers all four language skills: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and is offered in two test formats - Academic and General Training.  All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking Modules and there is an option of either Academic or General Training Reading and Writing Modules.



This course is specially designed for foreign students who want to apply admission to Singapore Primary or Secondary Schools. ü       Specially designed for foreign students wishing to enter local schoolsü       Follows closely to the syllabus set in the schools

GCE “O” Level Course

GCE ‘O’ level is a common examination for all graduating secondary school students in Singapore. The objective of this course is to prepare students for their ‘O’ level examinations. Giving them encouragement and support to pursue their next path in Polytechnics, Junior Colleges and Universities as well as overseas colleges and universities.

LCCI  Diplomas

After more than 100 years at the forefront of worldwide vocational development awards around the world, the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Examinations Board (LCCIEB) provides qualifications that are recognized as being the most relevant to today’s business needs in more than 80 countries.

BTEC Higher National Diplomas (HNDs)

BTEC Higher National Diplomas (HNDs) have been at the forefront of cutting-edge professional qualification design. It is administered by Edexcel, which was formed in 1996 by the merger of the Business & Technology Education Council (BTEC), UK's leading provider of vocational qualifications, and the University of London Examinations & Assessment Council (ULEAC).

BTEC HND (Management) is offered as a two year programme that is designed to equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in current or future employment, or for progression to an undergraduate degree.

Ø         Upon completion of the BTEC HND, you can be admitted into the third year of a related the UK, USA or Australia.

UNIVERSITY OF LONDON (Degree in Management and Economics)

The Programme specifically for students who wanted to study for a University of London degree but who could not study full-time in the conventional way. This equivalency is enshrined in Statute 66 (2) and states that ‘Candidates granted degrees and other awards shall have attained the same academic standard irrespective of mode or place of study or examination.

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