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A+ English Lab is a Private Enrichment Centre offering top quality English Reading and Writing Courses for children ages 5 to 16.

We also offer SAT I English courses.

Our strong programs:

A+ has incorporated years of hands-on teaching experience into advanced and effective learning methods recommended and widely implemented in the US

Our fine teachers:

Our teachers are our most important asset. We hire professionals with exceptional qualifications to teach our programs. All of our teachers are not only carefully selected, but also trained on a regular basis to ensure optimal results

Our carefully chosen materials:

Each year, thousands of children, young adults, teachers, and librarians around the United States select their favorite books for the “Choices” booklist. This is an annual joint project with the International Reading Association and the Children’s Book Council, since 1974. A+ has chosen the reading titles from these books and developed unique literacy education programs and materials

We’re goal driven

We have a clear sense of direction. Our programs are for students who aspire not only to excel in their schools but to go to prestigious colleges and universities around the world

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