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Do you love anime? Do you love Japanese culture and fashion? Is your dream going to Japan? Do you want to interact on a more meaningful level with the Japanese people?


We are organising a 8-session, two hour per session Japanese Elementary course this June hols. We took Japanese language to “AO” level and studied Japanese for about 5 years. =) If you want to know more about Japan/are visiting Japan/want to understand the anime you’re watching this elementary Japanese course is for you!!お楽しみね~☆★

Our focus in this short elementary course is actually conversation, because it is the most practical tool to have when you go to Japan. (Although we would be doing a fair bit of writing as well, but we spend a bit more time on conversation here) Afterall, most could write better than they speak when they learn a language, but communication on a meaningful level depends on speaking most of the time.

Sypnosis of Each Session

Session 1: Basic Writing systems (hiragana) + pronunciation, intonation and articulation. Self-introduction. (Part 1)

Session 2: Basic Writing systems (Part II)–katakana, kanji. Counters.

Session 3: Grammar (I)

Session 4: Grammar (II)

Session 5: Grammar III–how to get closer to a Japanese person, using informal forms of expression!

Session 6:Basic and Handy Expressions to know, when you’re going Japan! Going Akihabara’s maid cafe? Visiting pretty geishas in Kyoto? Even…bargaining? We’d teach you what to say! We introduce cultural norms in Japan here as well. (Part I)

Session 7: Handy Expressions to know when you want to get to know a Japanese person better (Part II). Through email, face-to-face communication, body language.

Session 8: Interaction with REAL Japanese people. Expressions for chit-chatting when you’re interacting with a Japanese person for the first time. We’d invite a Japanese right here! QnA and conversation.

 8 sessions, 2-hours each, at a recession-proof price of…$100! (excluding material and registration fees of $10) Upon requests, we would do translations for you as well, at no additional charge! The aim of this course is to expose all our participants to the basic Japanese culture which we all love

Location is at Woodlands, near Admiralty MRT station. Maximum number of students is 6 per group, so that everybody gets a chance to practise their language!

There are four time slots:

Monday and Thursday: 5-7
Monday and Thursday: 7.30-9.30

Tuesday and Friday: 5-7
Tuesday and Friday: 7.30-9.30.

Don’t let the recession hold you back from learning what you love! Spend your June holidays meaningfully, and join us now! To sign up or for more details, drop us an email at =) If you sign up with two or more friends, we’d waive the registration and material fees for you!

Anyone can sign up, irregardless of age! You’d just need the passion!^-^