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'Bringing Quality, Versatility and Inventiveness into Music Education.'

Verve Music School aims to provide quality music education to everyone, regardless of age and genres of musical interest. Aligned with our spirit of inventiveness , we offer a diverse range of courses which includes the Eurhythmics Foundation, Fusion Dance, Classical Harp, Beatboxing and Music Technology programs. Our course curricula are specially designed to ensure a balance of versatility and discipline so as to bring out the best in our students.

We provide the following courses taught by qualified and committed Teaching Associates. Students learning on an individual basis will still get to develop important performance and collaborative skills through ensemble playing on a regular basis.

Eurhythmics Foundation Course

For ages 2-6

The Eurhythmics Foundation course enhances development in the following areas:

·   deep understanding, enjoyment and performance of music

·   concentration

·   memory

·   coordination

·   self-control

·   sensitivity

Dance Courses

Ballet. Fusion. HipHop. Jazz. Contemporary

Classical Stream

Piano                         Violin                         Guitar                         Flute                         Clarinet                       

Group piano for 2 to 3 students are available.

Group lessons (2 - 6 students per group) for violin, guitar, flute and clarinet are also available.

Contemporary Stream

Pop/Jazz Piano or Keyboard           Guitar (Bass/Electric/Accoustic)

Drums            Vocal        

Group lessons (2 - 6 students per group) for pop/jazz keyboard, guitar, drums and vocal courses are also available.

Vocal Courses

Classical Vocal             Pop Vocal             

The classical and pop vocal courses aim to equip students with proper breathing techniques, good posture, intonation, diction, stage etiquette, and a sense of musical performance. Students also build up their individual repertoire of classical and/or pop songs. They may also take the Trinity Guildhall Singing Examinations (Grade 1 - Diploma) or LCM Pop Vocals Examinations (Grades 1 - 8).

Beat-Boxing (Vocal Percussion) - Short Course (4 lessons)

No. of lessons: 4 lessons. Class Type: Group of 4

Music Studies

The Music Studies department aims to provide students with the necessary theoretical, analysis skills and historical knowledge which support their instrumental playing.

Music Theory Courses

Music Theory Accelerated Course

Duration required
Grade 0 to 2
None (ages 7 & up)
9 months
Grade 3 to 5
Grade 2 (ages 8 & up)
15 months
Grade 6 to 8
Grade 5 (ages 10 & up)
15 months



We are conveniently located at Ang Mo Kio Central.

Address: Blk 713, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4040, Singapore 560713. 

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Verve Music School is a registered school with the Singapore Ministry of Education.

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Blk 713, Ang Mo Kio Ave 6, #01-4040, Singapore 560713