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About Us

Every child has innate creative ability and can learn to develop the use of this ability through creative participation.

Growing Paints art classes are specially designed to provide the means of gaining knowledge and fostering the thinking process through discovery and exploration in a stimulating environment.

Our Objectives

The objectives of Growing Paints art classes are:

  • Acquiring of integrated art skills
  • Stimulating of sensory attentiveness to relationships
  • Ability to relate to daily experiences
  • Encouraging and application of free-flowing thoughts
  • Promoting individuality in expressions
  • Active exploration and participation in a creative and stimulating environment

Our Philosophy

We acknowledge the existence and value of creative ability in all children.

Creativity is the characteristic of all learning!


Children's art is a form of the child's expression of experiences, imagination, feelings and emotions. Growing Paints art classes are positioned to provide a holistic and integrated approach for the child to grow creatively in mind, body & soul, as well as in artistic talents and drawing skills.

Growing Paints differentiates itself in the methodology of pictorial play as opposed to verbal instructions, teaching and coaching academically. Pictorial play sessions entail facilitation, coaching and reinforcement through illustrations, pictures and photographs; activities and challenges; individual child guidance; interactive learning and involvement in subject discussion; and music, song and dance.

Children progress at different stages when they first begin drawing. They start off at the manipulative stage, then move on to the symbolic stage. The explanations of these stages are below.

1-3 Years Old ( TODDLER )

Paintings by 3- to 4-year-old children display more linear orientation. Scribbling is one of the most common expressions at this stage. The manipulative stage is a more intuitive and spontaneous type of drawing and painting.

4-12 Years Old

The child becomes less intuitive but his painting becomes more descriptive, has more details and has "painterly" qualities in some instances. A 5-year-old child who may be in the symbol stage can relapse to the manipulative stage if he stops painting for a long time or engages in just colouring or copying mode.